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décembre 5th, 2012 Posted in France

This is on December 4th 2012 that a meeting took place at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Le Mans and Sarthe Region. This meeting was organized (thank to Mrs Christelle Bodet Advisor to Innovation Development) under the framework of the Club GESICO (Management of the Information and Knowledge). During the meeting a conference has been given by the Professor Henri Dou, Director of Atelis (Strategic Intelligence Work Room of th ESCEM Group (France Business School)), one of the pioneer of the Competitive Technical Intelligence in France, Brazil and Indonesia. The the subject of the conference dealt with “Competitive Intelligence and Foreign Economic Development of the French SMEs”. The presentation was the occasion to discuss the various ways of the development of Competitive Intelligence in USA, China, South Korea, Thailand … and to get out of them various lessons with were commented at the light of the French policy. The information as well as the mechanisms of innovation took a large place in the conference as well as the strategies to be developed in France to help the SMEs to export.  The conference ended by a live demonstration of APA (Automatic Patent Analysis) as a tool to provide answers to the SWOT analysis as well as the Porter’s 5 forces mapping. The presentation was done using the facility of Matheo-Patent one of the best APA software on the market today ( ). This was also the opportunity to underline the crucial role of time, with two aspects the “short one” to answer to the day to day problems, but also the “longer one” to develop strategies and vision.

Le Mans 2012The assistance, about 60 persons including representatives of Industry, Education and Research asked various questions dealing with agro-business, innovation in automotive industry as well as the place of contractors and the necessity for them to move from capacity to specialization and to intelligence. The answers of the large number of questions from the assistance pin pointed the necessity to develop a regional strategy in the mid and long term, the necessity to organized a rational use of information and from it to build up “actionable knowledge in the enterprises”. The SRR (Social Research Responsability) was underlined by Professor Henri Dou which explained that most of the research done in France does not really aim to the development of the regional industries which nevertheless provide the larger number of jobs.

At the end of the meeting a cocktail allows the participants to extend the discussions with industrial representatives on the various aspects of the regional development and the necessity to move from a vertical vision of the specialization to an horizontal one, where enterprises of different backgrounds will try together to promote new orientations of development, research and products.

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