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MUTECOS - Workshop 3 - Subcontracting an excellence in preparation - Sous-Traitance une Excellence en devenir.

novembre 28th, 2012 Posted in Europe, France


mutecoas paris 2012

This is in Paris at the Fédération nationale du Bâtimet Grand Paris, that the MUTECOS workshop took place. During the program, various aaspects of the development of the subcontracting were presented, as well as the status of verious types of subcontractors. It is nowadays clear that the contractors may move from capacity to specialisation and intelligence if they want to suvive in the today competition. After an introduction by Guy Metral Vice President of the CCI France, Mr Pierre Gattaz, Président of the GFI as keynote speaker exposed “Which conditions to develop the competitiveness of the SMEs”. The Professor Colletis presented a “Comparative analysis between France and Europe: subcontractors and productive regional systems”. Several round tables were the occasion to confront the point of view of various specialists among them Philippe Clerc, Jean-Louis Levet, Henri Dou, Claude Rochet (who presented the”joutes de l’innovation”). Jean-Louis Levet in his intrevention underlined the role of innovation, road mapping and projections to the future which are the key of the comprehension of the role of the contractors. Henri Dou prsented part of the conference made in China a shirtly before the Mutecos Workshop: “The contractors facing the cirsis”? (pdf available here).  Philippe Clerc underlined the role of the Chamber of Commerce to sustain the activity of the contractors. The conclusion of this workshop was done by Mr André Marcon, President of the CCI France.

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