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Franco-Chinese Seminar of Competitive Intelligence 2012 - Using Sectorial and Territorial Intelligence to serve the Local Economic Development

novembre 13th, 2012 Posted in Asia, Europe, France

 changsha 2012 bandeau

changsha 2012 salle This seminar which was organized by the Hunan Competitive intelligence Center and by the Association of Scientific and Technological Intelligence of Hunan was? held in Changsha, November 6th 2012. The morning was devoted to Keynote speaker presentations: Professor Henri Dou, Professor Qihao Miao, and? Philippe Clerc (CCIF) Professor Xie Xin Zhou. In the afternoon, various interventions of French specialists open a large discussion with the Chinese experts present (Center of CI of Hunan and people from industry). The audience of the seminar was particularly large in the morning, the afternoon being devoted to presentations and discussions with experts. The various translations from French to Chinese and vice versa were done by Mr Zheng Li from the Hunan Competitive Intelligence Center.

changsha 2012 visir Carrie  The next day, a visit of the CARRIE ( entreprise (in Changsha) ended the meeting. This enterprise which develops Heavy Industry Machinery was particulary interesting because we met the founder of the company which explain his innovation step process. The company employes 30 people in its servce of innovation and product development and design.

Program of the seminar:

In the morning :

- Conference of Professor Henri DOU, Directeur de ATELIS   l’Ecole ESCEM (Tours), Professor de l’Université Aix-Marseille ( power point available here)

-Conference of Mr.Philippe CLERC, Conseiller Expert Intelligence économique international, Assemblée des Chambres Françaises de Commerce et d’Industrie CCIF

- Conference of Professor Xinzhou XIE, Professor Peking University.

- Conference of Professor Qihao Miao, Researcher at the Shanghai Library

In the afternoon interventions of:
- Jean-Marie ROUSSEAU Director  TAO-ITINeRIS
-Damien BRUTE DE REMUR Professor in “Sciences de Gestion” University Montpellier 1
 Attorney, “Cabinet d’avocats Du Manoir de Juaye
 Post-Docteur in Competitive Intelligence

Join with the speakers at lunch:
- Estelle LACADEE?Représentant de Région Centre dans la province du Hunan
- Serge CARCY : Directeur Général, Lacroix-Ruggieri Fireworks Trading (China) Co Ltd
- Yoann BROSSAULT : Directeur de vente en Asie , Lacroix-Ruggieri Fireworks Trading (China) Co Ltd

During the meeting and especially in the afternoon various discussions concerning the application of CI in enterprises and the trasformation of Information in Actionable Knowledge took place. Professor Qihao Miao underlined the necessity for the enterprises to have the will to seek for the relevant information according their strategic orientations and was seconded by Philippe Clerc and Henri Dou

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