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International conference on Competitive Intelligence - Beijing - October 29-30th 2012

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beijing Oct 2012 participants  This is the 29 and 30th of October that the International Conference on Competitive intelligence was held in Beijing at The Lakeview Hotel. The? ? conference was organized by: The Research Center for Competitive Intelligence & Competitiveness, Peking University, Beijing Institute of Science and Technoloy Information, Yuanpei Century (Beijing) Education? & Technology Co. Ltd, Beijing United Information Center of Science-Technology-Economy, Beijing Society for Sciece and Technology Information.

This conference gathered most of the Chinese specialists in Competitive Intelligence? which covered? various areas of the development of this discipline. The first day was devoted to the keynote speeches,  among them we noted the presentations of Professors Qihao Miao  (China), Henri Dou  (France), Yoshio? Sugasawa (Japan), Martin Grothe (Germany), Mr Jean-Marie Rousseau (France), Michel Bernaiche (USA).

The second day was devoted to parallel sessions: Competitive Intelligence and Enterprise Competence, Patent Analysis and Technology Mining, Technology Transfer and Competitive Technical Intelligence, Intelligence Analysis in Scientific and Technological Information, Methods Techniques and tools of Competitive Intelligence, Information Demands in Competitive Intelligence.

beijing_2012_groupe  The presentation of Professor Henri Dou: “How can Competitive Intelligence can improve the development of contractors and sub-contractors”, emphasized the necessity for almost all contractors to improve their position againts their main or unique clients. This necessitates to change most the time the vision and frame of ming of the managers of the contractors. Various tools and examples were presented. The full text of the paper as well as the presentation are available.

During the meetings social events allow the participants to exchange and discussed and for the foreign participants among them the keynote speakers, to share the Chinese frienship.

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