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Veille - Competitive Intelligence a crucial opportinity to the “francophonie” - Intelligence Economique une chance pour la francophonie.

novembre 13th, 2012 Posted in Africa, Asia, Europe, France, Indian Ocean, Middle East, North Africa, North America, South America

vielle couverture francophonie  In a special issue of Veille Magazine, the analysis of the impact of Competitive Intelligence on the “francophonie” is described and commented.? Jacqueline Sala, the Editor in Chief of Veille, had the good idea to put on the spot the necessity for the francophonie to use Competitive Intelligence as a tool to increase its development and its competitiveness. If somme countries  are in advanced on this matter, there are nevetheless some African, South African and South Asian countries which could benefit a lot from Competitive Intelligence.

We can note on this issue of Veille, the foreword of Jacqueline Sala and the participation of the CCIF ( Commercial and Indusrial French Chamber of Commerce) via the article and a synthetic vision of Philippe Clerc as well as the interview of Professor Henri Dou, Director of ATELIS which presented his view on: “A la recherche d’une vision stratégique” - “To seek for a strategic vision.” The presentation of Mounir Rochdi of the Competitive Intelligence in? North Africa is also interesting for those which collaborate or work with this geopolitical area.

The summary of the this special issue of Veille,  Table of content., as well as its global presentation. are available.

The Subscription to Veille is a real opportunity for the readers to be aware of the latest development of the “Intelligence Economique” in France and in French speaking countries.

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