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GTM Global Text Mining - Montreal - Atelis (Professor Henri Dou - ESCEM) presents the role of patent information in innovation and PPP (public and Private partnerships)

septembre 10th, 2012 Posted in Africa, Asia, Europe, France, North America, South America


porter  This is at Montreal (Canada) that the Global Text Mining symposium took place the 5th of September. During the meeting various presentations from different countries (China, Brazil, United States, France, Holland, England, …) took place. This meeting organized by Vintage Point (VP) under the leardership of Professor Alan Porter. The various presentations were an opportunity to have via various  best practices and exemples the state of the art and the trend in text mining development. The presence in this symposium? of the Professors Alan Porter (abstract), Loet Leydersdroff (abstract) and Henri Dou and of Mrs Gilda Massari (INT and CGEE Brazil) have beenn noticeable.

lyeddesrdrofIt is interesting to nte the presence of a delegation of Chinese scientists as well as Americas and Brazilian. In spite of the crisis and the difficulties inherent to it, some European scientists were also present. Various presnetations underline the importance of text mining and bibliometrics applications to determine the trend in research, to “spot” the possible innovative development and to help to facilitate the grant and financial reasearch allocations. A special mention must be done to some papers which underline the necessity to develop close association between the experts and the bibliometris results.

GTM Henri Dou  Among them, the paper of  Professor Henri Dou and Daniel Coelho is important since it underlines the necessity to assoiate the APA (Automatic Patent Analysis) at the very begenning of  academics research and more specially to PhD. At this occasion some results obtained in Steel alloys were presented from the ananlysis of a large group of patents downloaded from the world patent database of the EPO (European Patent Office). (full paperppt presentation). Because the first step in ? innovation is the way to use the competencies created most of the time through the financial state incentive, and the second is to use these competencies to create with industry products and services robust enough to be exported, the use of patent information to improve this second step if fundamental.

brazilain delegation GTM  During the meeting the coffee brakes as well as the lunch and closing session were the occasion for the participants to exchanges ideas and to social GTM 2012 develop new scientific networks. A poster presentation was available on the main room during all the day and discussions and information near the authors were available.

The next GTP symposium will be held in Atlanta (USA) in 2013.

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