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ESCEM - Information Management and strategy development - Specialization of the terminal year.

septembre 3rd, 2012 Posted in Asia, Europe, France, North America, South America

parcours 2012 ESCEM  This is the 30th of August that the ESCEM students of this specialization began the first course and presentation.  Today, the crisis and the globalization create an insecure environment for the Regions, Companies, Institutions. The necessary knowledge of your environment is linked to the use of the right actionable knowledge to develop the best strategy for your development.  This is the objective of this specialization which will give to the students the methodologies and tools dealing with Competitive Intelligence, Strategy of Development, Value Management and Project Management, Information Management and Handling, Information Analysis with a focus on APA (Automatic Patent Analysis) and the impact of the IT to provide new  and innovative solutions to access the right information and to develop cooperative work The students which will work in group will be confronted to real cases since they will have to apply their knowledge to real interaction with local, regional or national enterpises. (picture: Laurence Masson (Atelis), Philippe Clerc (ACFCI), Henri Dou (Atelis Director) and the ESCEM third year students)

pacours cours Philippe 2012  During this specialization, information sources, data management, actionable knowledge creation, strategies and project development as well as value management will be the core of the program. After a series of courses taught by international specialists, the students, in group of 4 to 5 will have to solve in strong connexion with a local, regional or national company a real case of developement. (picture The first course  given by Philippe Clerc (ACFCI). The second course during the afternoon has been given by the Professor Henri Dou, Atelis Director).

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