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Competitive Intelligence - Seminar of the Franco Chinese Association of Competitive intelligence - Paris 21-22 May 2012

juillet 16th, 2012 Posted in Asia, Europe, France

hunan paris 2012 groupe  The fourth Franco Chinese Seminar of Competitive Intelligence was done in Paris at the ACFCI (Assemblee of the French Chambers of Commerce and Industry) and the CCIP (Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Paris). The Franco Chinese Seminars of Competitive Intelligence? have been initiated several years ago at the initiative of Philippe Clerc (ACFCI) and the center of Competitive Intelligence of Hunan Province (PRC). Two meetings are done every year, one in Paris and another in China (Changsha). During the seminar different approches of the development of Competitive Intelligence in France and in China? were presented and discussed.

During the program the Chief of the Chinese Delegation presented the achievment of the Hunan Center with the? dissemination of the in formation trough  various networks (different towns of the Province as well as different industries). The speed of development as well as the dfferent cooperatin with other Chinese Provinces have been underlined. The Hunan Center of Competitive Intelligence being experimental in China and prefigures the global system of Competitive Intelligence of the Country.

hunan sme 202 A particular point is the deep interest of the Competitive Intelligence Centre of Hunan for the development of SMEs, as well as well as for the role of French universities, the analysis of the output of the poles of Competitiveness and the experience of some French Companies in the domain of Competitive Intelligence. During the seminar various contributions from Philippe Clerc (ACFCI), Mrs Jingbo Xie (Chief of the Hunan Delegation), Zhang Weiyu (Chinese Embassy in Paris) , Henri Dou (ATELIS), Francis Testa (Groupe TESTA, ESPACE AGRUMA, 672 Avenue de la Fleuride, ZI Paluds, 13400 Aubagne), Jean-Louis Levet (CGI), Thibault Renard (ACFCI), Christophe Duday (ACFCI), Jean-Baptiste Mozziconacci (INPI), Denis Deschamps (CCIP), Benoit Maille (CCIP), Yves Delaune (Cluster WEST), Jean-Marc Defrasne (Observatoire Touraine), Jean Christopje Paillard (IEP Paris), Jean-Marie Rousseau (TAO ITINeRIS). The other Chinese Members participated to the discussion (simultaneous translation), and exchanges about the role of the governance in Competitive Intelligence, the dissemination of information, the Pole of Competitiveness, the situation strategic analysis, etc.  The counter part of the Paris meeting will be done in Changsha (4, 5, 6 November 2012) and will give rise to various Chinese presentations and demonstrations.

livre comparaison ie chine france  During the meeting the analogy between the French and Chinese Competitive Intelligence programs were also discussed having as background the recent book “Intelligence Economique Nationale - Etude comparative sur les pratiques en France et en Chine”, p.64,  ISBN 978-7-208-10175-3 (translated in chinese).

After the meeting, various presents were given to the French contributors by the Chinese delegates. A formal  certificate of paricipation to the 2012 symposium was given to all Chinese participants by Philippe Clerc.? After this symposium the Chinese Delegation moved to Tours to visit ESCEM (France Business School FBS) and ATELIS.

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