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The crisis, the re-industrialization, the new role of the universities. Crise, reindustrialisation, the nouveau role des universités en France - CNRS-ACFCI-CCIP-ATELIS-ESCEM-FBS

juillet 16th, 2012 Posted in Asia, Europe, France

chine 2012 ACFCI  This is during the Franco Chinese seminar of Competitive Intelligence which happened in Paris May 21-23, 2012? (ACFCI General Assemblee of the French Chambers of Commerce and Industry, CCIP Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Paris, and ATELIS? Strategic Work Room of the ESCEM Group - France Business School)) that Henri Dou presented an analysis of the new role of universities in general and more particularly of the French ones in the context of the crisis and innovation. The recent intervention of the Mrs Genevieve Fioraso (Ministre de l’Enseignement Supérieur et de la Recherche in France) at the CNRS (French National Research Center) who reasserts that:

«Le rôle des organismes de recherche et en particulier la vocation du CNRS en matière de pilotage scientifique national et d’appui absolument déterminant  la recherche dans les universités », “The role of the research organizations and in particular the vocation of CNRS as regards the running and support of the scientific research in the universities is absolutely deciding” (Paris May 21rst, CNRS, Le jurnal, n°267 Juillet-Aout 2012))

Calls for an analysis of what should be the new role of the universities and Research Centres in the today crisis context. If high level fundamental research is necessary in the long term, not all laboratories and researchers can reach this high international level, and even some of he best researchers may spend part of their time to reinfomce the capabilities of the local productive entities (SEs, SMIs). The paper presented by Henri Dou at the Franco Chinese Symposium of Competitive Intelligence underlines the brakes (type of evalutation of researchers and labratories, lack of consideration for the people involved in the lcal development, lack of regional research strategies, etc.) and presents some levers which may help to favor the SRR (Social Research Respnsibility). (See: Innover dans la recherche publique en France: la responsabilité sociale de la recherche (RSR) est-elle mesurée? Henri Dou, VSE Vie et Sciences Economiques, Décembre 2010, pp/148-167). It is obvious that if the people which locally work widely or in part for the local development (including also the poles of Competitiveness) are discredited by the assessors and representatives of the Research Institutions the re-industrialization grounded to the local territories will fail.

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