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ATELIS - (ESCEM, France Business School SBS), reception of the Chilean delegations of Tarapaca and Antogagasta (Chile)

juin 16th, 2012 Posted in Europe, France, South America

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This is the 13 th owf May, that ATELIS received at the ESCEM campus the delegation of the provinces of Chile the Tarapaca and the Antofagasta. This delegation which visited Spain and France, wished to visit ATELIS to have an insight on the development of a methodology and tools to induce the Regional Development. The delegation was conducted by Jean-Marie Rousseau (TAO - ITINeRIS, 0612 555 143). Laurence Masson (Atelis) and Henri Dou (Atelis) welcomed the delegation and underlined how the collaboration with Chile was important Henri Dou made a reference to the visit in Cihle of the French delegation conducted by Alain Juillet (with the participation of various experts Philippe Clerc, Henri Dou, M Paillard, …). The two regions of Tarapaca and Antofagasta are very important because they concentrated most of the Chile production and reserves of copper. Because of the lack of water resource and energy, they developed verious approches to solve these problems and they expect to find in France orientations in this areas (Pholovoltaïc, hydrogen, storage, electricity production) as well as guideline and examples to develop different competitive intelligence units in thee domains. The example of Atelis and its implication in the regional development and international collaboration prmpted us to visit the center.

  dou matheo patentThe importance of the Competitive Intelligence Unis as well as the understanding of the mechanism of Innovation and the necessity to create the necessary incentive to move fundamental reseach to society needs was presented by Henri Dou (Professor and ATELIS’s Director). A large discussion followed with a focuss on SMEs and their role in the job’s creation. During his presentation Henri Dou pin point the crucial rle of patents as a way to bridge the preoccupation of Academics and Industry. The APA (Automatic Patent Analysis) was presented throught the Matheo-Software (  tool (Matheo-Patent), partner of ATELIS.

chile lunchThe visit ended by the lunch during which various discussions about energy and hydric resource were exchanged. After  lunch a presentation of a global solution dealing with the production of hydrogen via solar energy, its storage and its use either to use it as a fuel engine or to producce electricity. We strongly hope that this visit will be the eve of a closer collaboration betwween ATELIS and Chile and with the Scientific and Technological  center of the Provinces.

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