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2012 Seminar of the Master Competitive Intelligence and Technology Watch of Aix Marseille University. Conference of Professor Henri Dou (ATELIS): From Chemistry to Competitive Intelligence a video conference

mai 30th, 2012 Posted in Africa, Asia, Europe, France, Indian Ocean, Middle East, North Africa, North America, South America

AMU master 2012  The 2012 seminar of the second year of the Master Competitive Intelligence and Technology Watch of the Aix Marseille University has been the occasion for Professeor Henri Dou (Professor Emeritus, former Director of the CRRM at Aix Marseille University and presently Director of ATELIS (Groupe ESCEM)) to present a conference explaining how, from a career in Chemistry as Director of Research at the CNRS, he left the Chemical field to move as a Professor to Information Science and how he developed the first French (DEA, now equivalent of the Master) in Competitive Intelligence. The presentation of the Conference was made by Dr Hervé Rostaing in charge of the Master. The conference was disseminated via video conferencing to remote students (Africa, Viet Nam, South America).  The full conference and the slides are available by clicking here.  The conference is presented in two parts: from “hard science” to “soft science” eg from chemistry to competitive intelligence and the international development of competitive intelligence today. At the end of each of these parts a discussions with the students underlines the most important items presented.

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