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European Community and Mexico. The brokerage event, Mexico February March 2012

mai 27th, 2012 Posted in Europe, France, South America

four solaire  The brokerage event was a meeting organiszed by the EU and the CONACYT, to facilitate the development of links and networks among the reserachers of the European Community and the Mexican’s researchers. For more information about this meeting click here. At this occasion the professor Henri Dou (Director of ATELIS), was selected by the European Community and the Mexican organizers to come to Mexico to meet various researchers from UNAM in Cuernavaca and also from Monterrey Tec. During this various meetings different round tables and conferences were done in the field of technology transfer and APA (Automatic Patent Analysis) in view to develop a better governance in the field of innovation. A report is available which relates the main points discussed during the visit of UNAM and Monterrey.

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