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groupe master marseille 2012  This is on April 2012 that the students of first and second years of the Master done in distance learning gathered in Marseille at the Scientific Center of  Saint Jerôme for a week of conferences and presnetations of their Master Thesis.  Students from various parts of France as well as different countries (Sweden, Africa, North Africa, England…) were present. The Professor Henri Dou, gave the 18 of April a conference on ” From Chemistry and “hard sciences” to Information Science and Competitive Intelligence”. The conference was presented in two parts, one dealing with the importance of information and knowledge creation which induced  his move to the field of Information Science and Competitive Intelligence and the second part dealing with various  international aspects of Competive Intelligence.

The presentation of the conference was done by Dr Hervé Rostaing in charge of the Master. Dr Valérie Leveillé also in charge of various aspects of the distance learning and continuing education of the Master was also present. During the presentation Henri Dou underlined the constant effort of Dr Rostaing and Dr Leveillé, for their action which, in difficult circumstances, maintained the Master alive and develop various innovative aspects of the virtual collaboration with the students.

Part of the conference of Henri Dou  has been published in:

Des sciences dures   la veille technologique et   l’intelligence économique
Henri Dou
L’intelligence économique : co-construction et émergence d’une discipline via un réseau humain, Bernat J.P. (ed.). 2008. Paris : Hermès, 284 p.. (Management et gestion des STICS. IC2).

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