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Special issue of Competitive Technical Intelligence in China. Veille Mag (Veille Magazine) special Chine

mars 30th, 2012 Posted in Africa, Asia, Europe, France, South America

 A special issue of veille mag dealing with Competitive Intelligence In China has been published.  In this issue various subjects are presented by different experts, from China and from France. The summary of the Chinese presentation is available here.

Ph Clerc  Philippe Clerc coordinated the subject and presented how Competitive Intelligence can be used as a vector of international cooperation. In this article he underlined the role of the CCI (Chamber of Commerce and Industry) which developed the Competitive Intelligence in? various economic and industrial sectors in France. He also pointed out that in the “new era” of competition, the institions which will win will be those using  Intelligence in their decision process. The key role of S. Dedidjer which developed in the Northern Europe the concept of “Social Intelligence” is also emphasized as a model to follow.

Hunan intervenant In this issue an example of the output of Competitive Intelligence in China is presented by Xiao Xuekui (from the Center of Competitive Intelligence of Hunan Province) who analyzed the sector of renewable energies in the Hunan Province. This presentation is articulated around five keys: the facts, the data, the information, the knowledge, the intelligence. The analysis of Opportunities and Threats being done through the PEST method (Politics - Economics - Social -Technology). Let us recall also that a book dealing with a comparative study of Competitive Intelligence in France and in China (see the presentation in CIWORLDWIDE) has been published in 2011 and formaly presented in a Conference in Shanghai.

dou The role of the Intellectual Property in China is also a key point of the issue of Veille Mag, since China in 30 years is becoming the World leader in Intellectual Property, it is interesting to have a brief analysis of this sector. This has been done through and interview of Professor Henri Dou by Philippe Clerc. Recognized expert in PRC , Henri Dou, Director of Atelis (Strategic Work Room of the ESCEM group) presents the forces and weaknesses of the Chinese system, but he also  pointed out the Chinese will “to learn from  others” and as a consequence the tremendous effort done in few years by the Chinese in Information retrieval, management and handling? (CNKI portal, SIPO for the patents, etc.)

We think that we have to praise the initiative of Veille Mag for the choice of the subjects and the quality of the various presentations. For those liking to subscibe to Veille Mag, they may do it by using the following form

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