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Point of view about the Crisis ! Jean Louis Levet, Economist and Essay Writer presents his point of view

mars 19th, 2012 Posted in Europe, France

The Economic Crisis is, by all its implications is  one of the major facts which shaken the end of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21rst. Jean Louis Levet, Economist and Essay writer? presents in ciworldwide his view about the crisis and his choice. Structured around three approaches (The crisis is banal and provisionel - The crisis id worldwide and deep - The crisis is worldwide and new and offers opportunuity of changing economic paradigms), this essay underlines some crucial points of the crisis’s impact and also some lessons.

photo levet  Jean Louis Levet, economist, doctor d’ Etat in economic sciences, specialist of questions related to enterprises  and related to  technological development and industrialization; exerted various responsibilities in the public  and private sectors ; teach the industrial economy and his essays animate regularly the public debate. Currently member of the Boad of Directors of the “Commissariat Général  l’investissement”  near the French Prime Minister and in  charge to implement a vast program of public investments in the fields of research and industr

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