Competitive Intelligence initiatives

An interesting information source for those interested by the activities of the French Chambers of Coimmerce and Industry: VEDOCCI

février 16th, 2012 Posted in Africa, Europe, France

VEDOCCI, Competitive Intelligence 2.0, in CCI and elsewhere relates various works, initiatives, texts relevent with the Regional Development and Competitive Intelligence. Animated by Thibault Renard, this initiative will provide validated insigths in the work of the CCI in the domain of the development.

dakhla harmattan? The VEDOCCI platform relates also intrenational events such as the Dakhla Meeting in Morocco which was concerned by the Regional development by enterprises, within the field of Competitive Intelligence. The complete book ( Intelligence Teritoriale et Developpement Regional par l’Entreprise, sous la Direction de Driss Guerraoui and Philippe Clerc? , Edited by l’Harmattan in 2011 ? ISBN978-9954–30-314-6) is available in French (see VEDOCCI above). During the “rencontres de Dakhla” various conventions where signed dealing with continuing education, research, cultural development.? The works presented by the participants were of a high quality mixing actionable research and applications. Among the presentations the program dealing with the Cactus development (Cactopole)? in the South Morocco (M Karim Augay) was particularly interesting because it involved other communications such as the use of Patent Information and APA (Automatic Patent Analysis) to promote? new developments (Professor Henri Dou, Director of ATELIS), and the use of Chemical Analysis and extraction to determine the quality of the natural products (Dr Jacky Kister Director of Research CNRS), their conditions of ageing and the necessary conditions to? meet the various international standards such as the REACH in the European Community.

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