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Le rapport Martre vingt ans après. The Martre’s report twenty years after. Competitive Intelligence - Intelligence Economique

février 10th, 2012 Posted in France

tribune poitiers fev 2012

This is at the Poitiers University (France) that the 3rd of February 2012 a conference workshop took place to discuss with a panel of specialists the Martre’s report twenty years after. It was organized by Nicolas Moinet and the ICOMTEC.  The students of the Master of Competitive Intelligence (ICOMTEC) presented the Martre’s report and selected various questions to be discussed by the experts present : Mrs Edith Creysson (former French prime Minister), M. Pierre Fayard (conseiller Culturel French Embassy Perou), Nicolas Moinet (University Professor, IAE Poitiers), Henri Dou (University Professor, Director of ATELIS ESCEM group, Tours-Poitiers-Orléans), Christian Arbulot? (Director of the “Ecole de Guerre  Economique”, EGE, Paris), Philippe Clerc (Director of the Economic Intelligence, ACFCI, Paris). In the assistance was noted the presence of Mme  Jacqueline Sala (Veille Magazine), Christian Marcon (MC, HDR, Université de Poitiers), Thibault Renard (ACFCI, Paris), and many consultants, professors and actors of the regional development.

salle poitiers  During the discussion Edith Creysson brushed what was the starting point of the Economic Intelligence in France and the incentive which, twenty years ago pushed for the development of this “discipline”. The various experts pointed out the progress which have been done in this discipline, with the development of the Master at the ICOMTEC (Poitiers), the EGE (Ecole de Guerre Economique Paris), ATELIS at the Groupe ESCEM (Tours).  During the discussion the situation of France in the field of the industrial development was the object of several questions, Philipppe Clerc indicated the role of the Chambers of Commerce in the Regional Development, Henri Dou pointed out that it is necessary to move to international markets and that solutions must be sold instead of separated products, Pierre Fayard underlined the role of the cultural aspects in the development of economic relations.

This half day meeting was really a success according to most of the participants, and all the videos (three parts) are available through this Internet address.

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