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A propos du référentiel d’Intelligence Economique - Quelques Impressions - French Compendium of Competitive Intelligence a few comments - Henri Dou Atelis Director (ESCEM)

janvier 28th, 2012 Posted in Europe, France

Competitive Intelligence is considered important in France. This is the reason why the Ministry of Education launched in a selected number of Universities a tentative program to provide at different levels of the formation some courses of Competitive Intelligence.  (full text access to this paper)

photo juillet tours rentrée escem  Competitive Intelligence is necessary in SMEs since it can provide a means to improve the efficiency of the company and enlarge its international vision. If the introduction of very light courses in Competitive Intelligence in Universities in France, is right and useful, it did not clear the problem of the development of a double competency. This is  necessary to provide to SMEs a way to introduce in their management the concepts and tools of Competitive Intelligence, because these small companies cannot hire a full time people in this domain. Moreover, it is necessary to complete the formation in Competitive Intelligence by an application in a company to have to applied the concepts and tools to the “real life” and problems.? Within this frame of mind the experience of ESCEM and ATELIS  is described: continuing education, third and final year of the Business School and DBA option Competitive Intelligence.  The author (see his scholar profile) also points out the international aspect of the discipline, which, in the dramatic context of the balance of the “commerce  extérieur”  (foreingn trade) of France is now mandatory.

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