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Petites et moyennes entreprises françaises et développement international - French Small and Middle size Industries and International Development

janvier 5th, 2012 Posted in Europe, France

 Working Paper - Henri Dou (Universty Professor, Atelis Director, Research Professor Peking University Scholar profile ), Dr Sri Dayamanty Manullang, (DEA, Dr, HDR) Foundation Mitra Madiri (scholar profile of Henri Dou)

How to cite this paper: Petites et moyennes entreprises françaises et développement international,  Henri Dou, Sri Damayanty Manullang, January 2012.

The development of the crisis in France, the wide range of proposals linked to the necessity for the SMEs to create jobs and to move to exportation, prompt us to present this paper which deals with various aspects of the exportation and SMEs in France. Most of the aspects of the problem presented here are  evaded by most of the politicians. In this paper which is in French since it concerns French Decision Makers, we pin point that interesting French initiatives in Foreign countries do exist (SMEs or groups of SMEs, continuing education, various collaborations, etc.)  but that they are most of the time isolated and not considered by the “Official French Structures”. These initiatives which can bring a large amount of useful information, knowledge and support to SMEs, pole of competitiveness an local productive sectors, should be aggregated and the transfer  of competence should be organized in a large scale to provide a benefit for small exporters. Other aspects dealing with the French policy which considers the national champions as a “fin en soi”, forget most of the time that the bulk of employment is created by SMEs.  Then, the facilities which should be necessary to? increase the development of SME’s exports are not available. The place of the SMEs in the poles of competiveness is also examined as well as the sub-contractor position and the dependence of SMEs.  Various examples are given and various suggestions are done.

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Abstract: The development of the national plan of Economic Intelligence in France takes largely into account SME, to bring to them at different level of responsibility the methods and tools of Competitive Intelligence.  That it is in the SRIE (Regional Program of Economic Intelligence), or on the level of the DIRECCT[1], the Chambers of Commerce and Industries, or the poles of competitiveness, etc… various actions have been  developed.  That led to multiple structures which act certainly in the same direction but often propose even disparate or redundant councils or formations. The work presented here, is the summary of reflections related to live  observations  and the way in which one could second international expansion at the level of small and medium-size companies. This work does not deal on purpose  with recent examples (2011), but on the contrary  it deals with a series of facts which spread out in time will present significant facts . In the same way, it does not discuss the need to decreasing in France the social tax on SMEs in order to enable them to be more competitive. Indeed, we think that even with an increased competitiveness, international expansion requires the control of other parameters of which a part is clarified here.

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