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The specialization in Competitive Intelligence and Strategic Information at ESCEM - Intelligence EConomique - FRANCE BUSINESS SCOOL -

décembre 16th, 2011 Posted in Europe, France

This is on December 12 that the first? class in Competitive Intelligence and Strategic Information terminated its study at ESCEM. Under the impulsion of ATELIS, this program is now a success. All the entreprises involved in the develoment of specific applied consulting research done by the groups of students involved in this specialilazation, where very pleased with the results.

remerciements ârcoiurs 2011  All the class expressed during a special gathering their thanks to the responsibles, professors, and specialists invoved in the development of this first innovative program. They also indicated that if at the right begining? they did not know all the ins and outs of the program, they did not regret their choice and warmly reconmmended this specialization to the forthcoming students.

All the class (25 students) this year succeeded and obtained besides the ESCEM diploma the European Certifcate of Value Management of Competitive Intelligence.  This success underlines the need for the Regional SMEs to be involved in specific tailor made Intelligence Programs. It also underlines that in this critical period for the development of the Region and of the Country, there is an urgent need to orient the competence and knowhow of Educational institutions to help, second and comfort the position of the SMEs and middle size companies. This strategic orientation is now underway at ESCEM throught the development of one of the most modern and innovative structure in the Business Education in France the FRANCE BUSINESS? SCHOOL which will be operating in 2012 for the next university year.

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