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APA Automatic Patent Analysis - Matheo Patent’s Workshop at Addis Ababa - Ethiopia - Competitive Intelligence and Regional Development

décembre 8th, 2011 Posted in Africa, France

 workshop addis inventor This is on December 2d at the Researcher’s Inventors and Innovators Association of Ethiopia, that a Workshop on Automatic Patent Analysis was performed at the Institute of Intellectual Property of Ethiopia. This side event, of a WIPO’s meeting on Intellectual Property aimed to provide to the inventors and innovators association the necessary facility to test new ideas and develop a service to initiate innovation among various enterprises and organizations of Ethiopia. The workshop was animated by Professor Henri Dou (University Professor and Director of ATELIS (ESCEM)) (scholar profile). The workshop was divided in two parts, one dealing with the access of patent information through Internet (WIPO, EPO, USPTO, Google Patent), and the second part, how, from large queries (seven hundreds even thousands of patents) the APA (via Matheo-Patent) , the inventors will be enabled to obtain a global view of various domains, and to answer questions such as who is doing what, where, how, what can be used? freely,  etc.  This second part was particularly useful for the association and the inventors since they where able to test some ideas about ploughs, stoves, solar panels, etc. during the workshop.

workshop APA inventor asso addis? Various questions were asked among which: how to have a follow up of the workshop, if it is possible to get from Internet various materials and tutorials to facilitate the analysis, etc. Professor Henri Dou, declared that he will do whatever is possible to help the association and he provided it with various papers and power points about patent analysis.

At the end of the workshop a special thank was addressed to the Ethiopian Institute of Intellectual Property, because it provided the Internet facility and the room necessary to make of this workshop a mile stone in the life of the association.

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