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Competitive Intelligence at ESCEM Business School - Intelligence Economique ? l’ESCEM - ATELIS

décembre 8th, 2011 Posted in Africa, Asia, Europe, France

Last year the ESCEM group, created an option of Competitive Intelligence in its terminal year. This initiative shows that with ATELIS the Strategic Work Room of the ESCEM Group  (AACSB), and the ESCEM Decision Makers, the development of one of the most important background that the students must have at the end of their formation has been integrated in the ESCEM cursus.

The recent article published in Le Monde (December 8th 2011) indicated that as soon as 2013, the “Economic Intelligence” will be present in all the students cursus. This underlines again the importance of this discipline and the strategic vision of the ESCEM Group which as soon as 2011 gave to the students the opportunity to get a double strategic competence in a crucial domain essential for the development of enterprises, regional, national and international? institutions.

In the same time the DBA mention Competitive Intelligence has been created this year by ATELIS. The students which will follow the course (online and offlline), will pursue an applied or actionable research in the domain of the integration of Competitive Intelligence in the regional development either in France or abroad.

A recent interview of Professor Henri Dou, Director of ATELIS, (see Scholar profile) as well as its participation in the IAB (International Advisory Board of the Ministry of Science and Technlogy of Viet Nam) and the development of a strategic partneship between ATELIS and ISIG (Business School) in Burkina Fasso, underlined the importance of Competitive Intelligence in the industrialization of a country. By the time where this question is coming up in force in? France, the double competence acquired by the ESCEM students will be we hope a guaranty for their career developmen

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