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The French program of Competitive Intelligence (Conference of Professeur Henri Dou (ATELIS), Nanjing - SMEs, actionable knowledge, French development (national, regional, main actors). Intelligence Economique en France. Nanjing Chine.

novembre 16th, 2011 Posted in Asia, Europe, France

Nanjing group Following the presentation of the book “National Competitive Intelligence, Comparative study and practices in France and China), (Shanghai October 2011, by the professor Qihao Miao, Shanghai Library  Instittute of Scientific & Technical Information Science), the professor Henri Dou (Atelis Director see scholar profile)  was invited to the Jiangsu Information Institute of Science and Technology to give a conference on “Competitive Intelligence in France, its links to innnovation and? how the system of Competitive Intelligence? was developed in France”.

nanjing actors  The conference was done at the institute the 27th of October (this was the first time that the Institute invited a foreing expert). The conference was organized in two steps, an English presentation and a more detaile done in French with consecutive translation (M Zheng Li, Competitive Intelligence Centre from Hunan Province).

nanjin salle  During the presentation which took a bout half a day, many questions from the assistance deal with the organization of the Competitive Intelligence in France, the relationships of SMEs with the banking institutions, how Competitive Intelligence move froml a national plan to the regional development, etc. In many cases live access to National French Sites of “Economic Intelligence” and national or regional actors show to the particpants how the organization, goals, and partners are articulated in France.

nanjing visit  After the conference and during two days there were various visits of Chinese companies, from incubators to e-commerce, … (Nanjing International Engineering Antibody Research Center, Nanjing Biological Medecine Development Centre, Made-in-China ..). During these visits the discussion about the creation of actionable knowledge from information was one of the key point. A very interesting visit to the Nanjing Library was also organiszed, pin pointing the role of this institution in the development of a technical and scientific culture.

nanjing brume  Nanjing is also a deep cultural city which includes part of the Chinese history. This aspect completed the visit in Nanjing, the tomb of Sun Yat Sen (Sun Zhongshan), the historic city walls, the museum of embroidery, the old observatory, and other museums witness how the city  allies scientific and technical aspects of its development with all the cultural parts of its patrimony. Various pictures of the meeting, visits, and Nanjing cultural heritage  are available.

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