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The tool Box of Competitive Intelligence - (La boite ? outils de l’Intelligence Economique)

novembre 15th, 2011 Posted in Africa, Europe, France

logo moinetLa boite   Outils de l’Intelligence Economique

  Christophe Deschamps, Nicolas Moinet

  Collection: B? O La Boîte   Outils, Dunod
2011 - 192 pages - 190×240 mm
EAN13 : 9782100551125 - Prix TTC France 26 €

The book “La boite   outils de l’Intelligence Economique” has just been published by Dunod. This book offers a wide panorama of the most important tools to handle and analyze the information. If Competitive Intelligence works mainly through the knowledge of expert groups, it is necessary to prepare their work. To do so, the management, handling and analysis of information take a prominent place. Among the software presented,  Matheo-Patent and Matheo-Analyzer, specialized in APA (Automatic Patent Analysis) must be underlined for their easy integration in a Competitive Intelligence Unit. This nice compendium will be really useful for all the comunity of Competitive Intelligence users.  The book is presented on a very ergonomic way, a successions of files described the software, its performance and give a brief example of its use.

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