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Changsha - China - How Competitive Intelligence is useful for SMEs (Intelligence Economique PME Chine)

novembre 15th, 2011 Posted in Asia, France

annonce changsha  The Competitive Intelligence Institut of Hunan Province organized the 24th of October 2011 a seminar to discuss how Competitive Intelligence is useful for SMEs. A group of? French specialists with Professor Qihao Miao from Shanghai Library, and Professor Wen from Business School Beijing  and other experts from the Hunan Competitive Intelligence Center discussed about some developments in China and some applications of Competitive Intelligence in  France in the SMEs sector.

changsha salle The French specialists were Professor Henri Dou (Director of Atelis, ESCEM Group see scholar profile), M. Jean Marie Rousseau (former Expert of the EU) and Mrs Dr Mylene Hardy (former expert from the French Embassy in Beijing).

dou miao changsha After the meeting the expert delegation visited several SMEs and discussed in depth of the Competitive Intelligence program in France and its application to the SME sector. Various questions on the creation of actionable knowledge from information, the potential of development of Chinese Cities, the regional interaction of state services and SMEs in France, the passage from a national program to a regional development program of Competitive Intelligence in France, etc. were discussed. The use of patent information and the APA automatic patent analysis was also presented by Professor Henri Dou in the secor of fireworks (Changsha is the world place for the production of fireworks).

rousseau changsha  During the meeting many questions dealing with the role of Banks to finance the SMEs development in France was discussed as well as the role of OSEO to share the financial risk in various selected projects. The mechanism of the creation of the poles of competitiveness in France raise also many questions. The role of regional libraries in the development of Competitive Intelligence was also discussed as well as the mechanism of innovation and the development of PPP (Public and Private Partnerships). The questions of the assistance underlined all the interest of the Chinese specialists for the French Competitive Intelligence program and the role of the state and the regulations. Another group of questions concerned the place of the Competitive Intelligence consultants in the national and regional system in France.

The presentation of Professor Henri Dou concerned the integration of SMEs in the innovative process (French version, English version) and the presentation of Jean Marie Rousseau underlined the innovatoive potential of various Chinese Towns along the Yangtze river. The program of the meeting is available here. Some pictures are also available in this file.

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