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This is in Hanoi, Viet Nam that the International Advisory Board participated to a general meeting and various discussions with Vietnamese decision makers and specialists. These meetings took place the 4th, 5th and 6th October 2011 in Hanoi and Danang.


premier page IAB The government of Viet Nam has given the development of Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) a high priority and the past years have witnessed the strengthening of the policy making environment, the adoption of new policies and strategies, as well as the promulgation of a large number of legal norms. There has also been a strengthening of research and other technology development and services organizations. These developments have provided a framework for the reform and promotion of the STI system, which has been moving towards more autonomy and integrating internationally.

Gilabert IAB The development of technology has also gathered pace in the context of an accelerated foreign direct investment and technology transfer from abroad. It is in this context that the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), via its think tank, the National Institute for Science and Technology Policy and Strategy Studies (NISTPASS), in partnership with the United Nations Industrial Development Organizations (UNIDO) have agreed on a project, whose main objective is to enhance the capacity of Vietnamese stakeholders in developing policies and strategies on STI and industrial innovation compatible with the economic and social goals of the country for the period 2011-2020. The project was supported with funds from the One UN fund. The STI international conference is intended as a forum of exchange on the future of Vietnamese STI system, with a particular emphasis on comments to the draft Science, Technology and Innovation Strategy 2011 to 2020, policy issues, awareness creation, and networking among international experts and Vietnamese stakeholders. We wish you to have a pleasant time and to enjoy the contributions of the most preeminent experts in Science, Technology and Innovation from around the world.

Yours Sincerely

Vice Minister, Ministry of Science and Technology  Patrick J Gilabert UNIDO Resident Representative

meeting iab The IAB (International Advisory Board) is constituted by 10 members among them three are French: Henri Dou (Professor, Director of Atelis, Consultant WIPO and Research Professor Peking University see Scholar profile), Philippe Clerc (ACFCI, Director of Competitive Intelligence, Innovation and Information Technology), Dr Jean Noel Durvy (Director of the Technopole of Sophia Antipolis). Dr Patrick Gilabert (French)? Unido Representative being also a member of the IAB.

During the meeting various presentations were done, among which:

salle IAB Mr Nguyen Manh Quan, Deputy Director NISTPASS, MoST, Viet Nam,  Nguoi trinh bay, Nguyen Manh Quan, Pho Vien truong, NISTPASS, MoST, Viet Nam, Dr Carlos Aguirre Bastos, Bolivia, Philippe Clerc, France, Dr Jean Noel Durvy, France, Hannu Kokko and Co Van Truong Finland,Viet Nam, Prf. Henri Dou, (full paper) France, Martin Fransman, England, Matthias Weber Weber, Austria.

dou presentation IAB During the various discussions, Prof. Henri Dou demonstrated the usefulness of APA (Automatic Patent Analysis) and suggested that the Viet Nam’s firms should use widely the Intellectual Property Information to leap frog some steps in technology development. During the discussion, he also demonstrated the use of Matheo Patent (APA software) to collect and analyse patent information in view to increase innovation. This demonstration was conducted at the IPP Center (Innovation Program Partnership). This point of view was noticed by the press during the presentation of some findings occuring during the meeting.

Various pictures of the meeting are available in this file.

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