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The CTC (Collectivité Territoriale de Corse) and the development of Competitive Intelligence (Intelligence Economique) and elaborated Information.

novembre 13th, 2011 Posted in France

affiche corse 2011The national context in France. Information and more precisely the elaborated information is one of the keys of the Competitive Intelligence development. Unfortunately since several years this activity has been neglected by the Universities and the CNRS in France and most of the competences and knowledge initiated  15 years ago by the the Professor J.E. Dubois, the DBMIST,  followed by the help of the SGDN (Secretariat General de la Défense Nationale and the CEDOCAR) will be lost if nothing is done.

This is the reason why, the CTC (Collectivité Territoriale Corse) decided to engage its regional potential in this direction. The? Seminar on the Information Sciences and their applications, done in Ajaccio the 30th September 2011 is the result of this engagement. With the help of the European Community and the University Pascal Paoli, a modern strategic laboratory, formed with local forces and international French experts will be proposed to the Ministry of Education and Research. It is clear that the strong development of this area of science in USA, Japan, China, … shows that if this key area is abandoned in France, it will be very prejudicial for the country.

meeting corse ajaccio? During the meeting various presentations and comments have been done: the world situation of the subject by professor Henri Dou (Director of ATELIS see Scholar profile), the development of the Nordic City in China by Dr Klaus Solberg the action of the ACFCI by Philippe Clerc, some very deep and conscious comments by the Admiral Lacoste and various uses of Competitive Intelligence and elaborated information in laboratories ( MM. Bigot, Kister). The representant of the Ministry of Higher Education was also present and noted the comments of the participants and? the will? of the CTC. Other specialists such as Alain Juillet,? due to their? professional? activities indicated also their deep concern for the engagement of the CTC.

de gentili Madame Emmanuelle de GENTILI Conseillère  Territoriale in her introductory and final speeches underlined how the development of an International Competence in this domain will benefit to the CTC as well as to France. Since most of the International examples show that elaborated information is a crucial step for the development of Competitive Intelligence she beleived that the engagement of the CTC, the University Pascal Paoli as well as the International French experts present will be the starting point of the renewal of this discipline in France. She also insisted on the will of the CTC to increase in this domain the international collaborations and to benefit of all the opportunities that the French experts have in this domain, opportunities difficult to develop in the classical and bureaucratic system of most of the French Universities.

The various presentations are the following:

MM Amos David, Yves Bigot, Christian Bourret, Jean-Pierre Caliste, Serge Chambaud, Philippe Clerc, Mmes Elisabeth Scarbonchi et E. de Gentili, MM. Henri Dou, Bernard Dousset, A. Herault et al.., Jean Marie Rousseau (1,? 2,? 3), Jacky Kister, Klaus Solberg, Luc Quoniam et Charles Victor Boutet.

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