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Use of Intellectual Property for clusters development. Competitive Intelligence to increase the competitiveness of agricultural products in Cameroon - Yaoundé - May 2011 - WIPO

novembre 12th, 2011 Posted in Africa, France

yaounde cameroon This is on May 5th ans 6th that two important events related to Intellectual Property took place in Cameroon, Yaoundé. These two events were organized by the WIPO (World International Property Organization) and the Government of Cameroon. Two consultants Mr Getachew Mengiste Alemu (Intellectual Property Law Consultant and Attorney) and Professor Henri Dou (University Professor, Director of ATELIS (strategic work room of the groupe ESCEM) (see Scholar profile) were present.

During these two events interviews, discussions, and presentations were done, dealing with the sectors of coffee and pineapple as well as with the structure of IP (Intellectual Property) in Cameroon and its organization.

pineapple yaounde The visits by the two consultants of various pineapple and coffee plantations helped to develop various findings. During the discussions the two consultants emphasized the importance for Cameroon of the geographical locations and their protection, specially for various kinds of coffees and pineapples. The importance of patent information, specially to develop new machines for first agricaultural transformations and for the improvement of natural resources, was developed by Henri Dou. The importance of software such as Matheo Patent was pin pointed and demonstrated.

research centre yaounde The necessity for Cameroon to have a real patent office was also discussed. In fact the Cameroon has only a representation. The necessity also for the government to develop the use of Intellectual Propertry within the context of OAPI was also underlined.? The visit of one of the best research center (IRAD)? of the country demonstrated also that Intellectual Property workshop should be developed in the center and that it should be equiped with all the methods and tools to beneficiate of the facilities offered by the use of Intellectual property protection and information.

One of the conclusions of this very profitable meeting will be to develop two clusters one for pineapple and the second for the coffee. These two clusters should have as a goal to improve the development of small plantations and to create the development of niches which could be geographically protected. In the same time it will be wise to develop and help the? cooperatives and to reach regional markets specialy in the pineapple sector.

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