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ATELIS, ESCEM (Tours Poitiers France) strategic partnership with ISIG (Bussiness school Burkina Faso) in Strategic information, innovation and Competitive Intelligence

septembre 29th, 2011 Posted in Africa, Europe, France, North Africa

dou kini BF  On September 13th Henri Dou (Director of Atelis) and Mr Kini (Director of ISIG) signed a colaborative MOU and exchanged the cooperative agreement between ESCEM and ISIG International. This strategic partnership is important, since it will allow the development of various workshops and formations in Burkina Faso. These formations will be ? widely opened to the other West African ? French speaking countries (OAPI) in Strategic Information, Innovation from patent information and Competitive Intelligence.  These formations will be the follow up of the RIC (Réseau d’Intelligence Collective, Network or Collective Intelligence) developed in Burkina Faso within the framework of a Pro€invest program of the European community. The first workshops will be schedule for the beginning of 2012 and will be done in Ouagadougou.?

We will also like to thank the Matheo Software company  (Specialized in patent analysis and decision making software) which will provide various facilities to implement the value of the workshops. Matheo Softaware is a partner of ATELIS. This type of cooperation is also important since it will contribue to develop a new type of relationship between France and Africa: developing local technologies to solve local problems useful for the inhabitants and help the country to improve steps by steps its technological competences

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