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Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, European Union and the RIC program “Competitive Intelligence innovation and competitiveness strategies” - Proinvest program -

septembre 29th, 2011 Posted in Africa, Europe, France

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logo colloque BF This is the 12 and 13th September 2011, that a Symposium on Competitive Intelligence, Innovation and Competitiveness was done in Ouagadougou. This Symposium is done through the RIC (Réseau d’Intelligence Collective)  European Community Program Pro€invest, and with the collaboration of the CCIM (Marseille - France, CCI Toga and CCI Mali), CCIBF (Burkina Faso) and? ACFCI (Paris - France) (Photo Phlippe Clerc and Jean Louis Levet).? This symposium was a real success due to the quality of the speakers and the presentations which show how African countries can get a large benefit of the Competitive Intelligence its methods and tools (list of speakers). The assistance, very large for such a meeting was particularly attentive and asked many questions underlining all the expectations of the public. After the meeting different visits in? research centers allowed a discussion with the development of standards and regulations specifically for food control.

All along the Symposium M. Boubacar Traoré (CCIBF) and Dr. Zilé Soilihi (CCIM Marseille) explain the whereabouts of the RIC program and all the realization embeded into its structure.

The various workshops were in some ways the begining of some applications, but most of the attendees pointed out that there should be a following to this program, mainly for the formation and education of SMEs in Competitive Intelligence and also the use of Intellectual Property Information to be more innovative and to develop without any costs various technical applications useful for African Countries (presentations Henri Dou).(see H. Dou scholar profile)

Seconding this demand, Professor Henri Dou, Director of Atelis (Competitive Intelligence Work Room of the Groupe ESCEM, Tours Poitiers FRance), indicated that as early as the beginning of 2012, a cycle of formation will be proposed to the participants, thank to the strategic? cooperative program done with ISIG (one of the best Business School of Burkina Faso) and Atelis and ESCEM. This Strategic Pratnership, which has been working up by Alphonse Kina (ISIG) and Henri Dou since 2010, will aim to develop practically the use of Competitive Intelligence its methods and tools for SMEs. The program will be open for all OAPI countries (French speaking West African Countries).

The meeting was opened and closed by two ministers of the Government of Burkina Faso underlining the deep concern of the public institutions for the development of Competitive Intelligence.

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