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To be in Competitive Intelligence with China - IMPGT University Paul Cézanne - September 23rd 2011

septembre 28th, 2011 Posted in Africa, Asia, Europe, France

This is at the University Paul Cézanne, Aix en Provence France, at the IMPGT, that the Symposium “To be in Competitive Intelligence with China” took place.  The introduction was done by Claude Rochet, Director of the IMPGT which indicated how important is now the program of Competitive Intelligence in the Institut. The program of this symposium with several round tables and speakers underlined various aspects : Understanding China - Working with China - Business strategies in Africa (the today Chinese place) - Which strategies for Competitive Intelligence in France.

Two main conferences by Alain Juillet former senior consultant in Economic Intelligence near the French Proime Minister and by Frederic Lacave (coordinator interministeriel for Competitive Intelligence) closed the morning presentations as well as the afternonn ones.  Among the speakers in the various round tables, Philippe Clerc (ACFCI) underlined the role of the Chamber of Commerce and Industries in the French Competitive Intelligence system, Henri Dou Director of Atelis (Groupe ESCEM) (profile H. Dou)  show how Chinese, in Africa develop a strong relationship with the population and how the French collaboration should be displaced to basic technical realizations useful for the local people, Laurent Malvezin (former China Advisor for the Ministry of Defense) indicated how China develop different actions to secure all the ports from Africa to China, to be able to export safely basic materials and food, Jean-Baptiste Mozziconacci (INPI International cooperation) indicated the core role of patents in innovation, Christophe Gurtner (businessman in China) gave his point of view about the development of business in China, Mounir Rochdi (Director Delegate of CYBION) pin point the difference in collaboration with Africa of China, France and the European Union, Jean-Marie Rousseau (former EU consultant) show the different ways of the innovation development in China and emphasized the role of the central regions of the country, Jean Yves Delaune? (Cluster West) show how the culture is important in the development of the French Chinese cooperation. Damien Bruté de Raimur and Claude Rochet introduced the various round tables as part of the organizing Commitee of the meeting.

Many thanks were given to Michel Bollet, Paul Caballero, Amélie Daviet, Mandak Gueye and Juan-David Pinzon organizers of the meeting and students of the Master Competitive Intelligence and Regional Development of the IMPGT.

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