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ESCEM ATELIS the third year specialization of the Business school in Strategic Information, Decision and Competitive Intelligence

septembre 15th, 2011 Posted in Europe, France

alain juillet escem opening parcours 2011 The opening of the third year specialization in Competitive Intelligence has been opened this year on September 2d by Alain Juillet, Philippe Clerc, François Duvergé (President of the ESCEM Groupe), Dou Henri (Director of Atelis see Scholar Profile) and Pascal Rivet  (Director of the ESCEM Groupe).

a juillet escem 2011 Alain Juillet former HRIE (Haut Responsable de l’Intelligence Economique near the French Prime Minister) in this inaugural speach underlined the fact that today because of the rapid changes, the crisis, the develoment of  Tunisia, Egypt and Lybian changes, most of the people and enterprises have lost their classical references in politics, buxsiness and comperhension of the international changes. The fast development of China and its investment in Western Europe adds also some complexity to the global scene. Then, there is a srong need of a system, frame of mind change and tools which will enable the peole to analyze and understand their environment and the comlexity of a region, firms and enven nation. The Competitive Intelligence is now one of the best way to achieve this goal. It enable the decision makers to get a better understanding of their environment and relationships between the various entities interacting in the today complexity.  For the young students engaged in the Competitive Intelligence  third  year specialization of ESCEM, this is a chance that will provide to them a double competency which will help them all along their life. This initiative of the ESCEM must be encouraged and must continue.

The same remarks were also done by Philippe Clerc (ACFCI Director of the Competitive Intelligence) and by François Duvergé (President of ESCEM Groupe). Henri Dou (Director of Atelis (Strategic Intelligence work room of ESCEM) thank Alain Juillet for its disponibility and said that he is very confident in the succes of its specialization according the quality of the Professors and speakers and also the will of the students.

attendance a Juillet 2011 A discussion with the attendance  followed the Alain Juillet’s presentation  mainly oriented to the use of Competitive Intelligence in small enterprises and regional development.

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