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Certification iso 9001 - Atelis passed with success the audit number 1 of the “bureau veritas”

juin 21st, 2011 Posted in Africa, Asia, Europe, France, Indian Ocean, Middle East, North Africa, North America, South America


ATELIS the Strategic Intelligence work room of the Groupe ESCEM, France passed with success this month the first audit of the 5 yeas period of its certification iso 9001. This certification shows that the ATELIS education program, one of the best in Competitive Intelligence will fulfill all the requirements necessary for the development of a Competitive Intelligence Unit into companies and institutions. One of the stonger points of the ATELIS formation is the development of APA (Automatic Patent Analysis) to? increase innovation in the SMEs and Academic Institutions. Other points such as the Web 2.0 concept and tools give to individuals, SMEs, instituions a modern approach to structure ideas, communicate, collaborate and search for strategic information. An other essential point are all the means to emphasize the creation of actionable knowledge from innovation.

The conclusion of the Audit was as follow:

Strong points: strong dynamism of the Atelis team in its system of quality management -

Competences of the audited persons: good integration of the referential of the practices and risks of ATELIS.

No weak point has been identified in the Management of ATELIS

Opportunities: increase the adequation of the resources with the objectives to maintain a high level of quality

 –  Ameliorate the registration of the corrective actions

- - Améliorer l’enregistrement des actions correctives mises en œuvre  ainsi que le mode préventif.

- - Mettre en adéquation les ressources par rapport aux objectifs assignés et pour maintenir les performances déjà réalisées.


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