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Competitive Intelligence in Brasil - Seminar organized in Brasilia by the “Banco do Brasil” - IC 2.0 - Innovation and APA (Patent Analysis) - Creativity - Future trends

juin 16th, 2011 Posted in France, South America


photo salle brasilia 2011  This is on Friday June 10th 2011, that a Seminar has been organized in Brasilia by the Banco do Brasil, in coopertaion with the CCFB (Chamber of Commerce Franco Brasiliera) and the FAAP (Fundaçao Armando Alvarez Penteado). After the visit of the experimental show room of the Banco do Brasil, the seminar took place at the auditorium of the Banco do Brasil. The genral presentation and introduction were made by Mrs Sueli Lartigue (CCFB) and the President of the CCFB and  the Competitive Intelligence trends in the Banco do Brasil was prsented by a specialist from this organism.

bancodobrasil  The a general introduction of Competitive Intelligence was presented by Professor Francisco Paletta (FAAP), then, Professor Henri Dou (ATELIS, and ciworldwide France see scholar profile) and Professor Luc Quoniam (Paragraphe and lab4you France see scholar profile) took the floor to present: Competitive Intelligence Worldwide and Revisiting the Competitive Intelligence Cycle with the web  2.0 concept. The mediation was done by M. Frédéric Donier (CCFB and consultant).

groupe brasilia 2011  The participation of the assistance was very active and many questions raise upon the future of Competitive Intelligence, the passage from information to actionable knowledge, the education of Competitive Intelligence in Brazil, the integration of the 2.0 frame of mind in the actionable Competitive Intelligence, the key role of patents not only to protect your immaterial asset, but to innovate from the patent information. The conclusion of the meeting underlined the interest of all the paricipants for this area of development and pointed also the necessity for the Brazilan Companies to practice the Competitive Intelligence since if they donot do it, their competitors may do it and in this case lots of opportunities will be lost.

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