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Atelis (Groupe ESCEM) - Action collective de formation ? l’Intelligence Compétitive des PMEs Région Centre - Competitive Intelligence SME Region Centre -

juin 1st, 2011 Posted in France

This is the 31 of May that the first course of the Collective Action of the SME’s workshop on Competitive Intelligence was given at? Atelis in Tours ESCEM’s Campus. The goal of this formation which will run over several months will aim to give to the local SMEs a good parctice of the methods and tools of Competitive Intelligence to improve their competitiveness. This serie of courses is organized with the support of various partners the State Services, the Chamber of Commerce and Atelis. The program will be structured on the modern information access (Web 2.0), project management, research and answer of the call for tenders, collaborative brain storming, etc.

The firts day, Laurence Masson welcome the participants, M. Congy presents the diagnostics of the expectations of the participants and Professors Henri Dou (Director of Atelis see Scholar Profile) and Nicolas Moinet (Professeur IAE Poitiers) introduced the various tools to search for information and the basic concepts of Competitive Intelligence. Other couses will deal with the APA (Automatic Patent Analysis), Project Management, collective Brain Storming, etc.

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