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Third Franco-Chinese seminar on Competitive Intelligence, Paris May 18-20th 2011 - ACFCI

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groupe acfci chine 2011  The third Franco-Chinese seminar on Competitive Intelligence took place at the ACFCI in Paris  the 18th and 19th of May and to the “Conseil Regional” of the “Region Centre” in Orleans for May 19th. This meeting going on every year allows a deep discussion on advance progress in Competitive Intelligence in France and also in China. The program of the meeting was this year particularly attractive because it was focused on case studies and not only on theoretical presentations. Information on industrialization (Jean-Louis Levet) , education and innovation (Bernard Belloc) , role of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Philippe Clerc, Ludovic Bour), role of the “Region Centre” (Karine Gloanec Maurin, Yves Massot) and Atelis (Laurence Masson),  the role of the French State services (Claude Rochet), key questions to move ahead (Bernard Besson), the luxury clusters (Mrs Jaqueline Tsai)? the very practical approach of the “French West cluster” (Jean-Yves Delaune, Kai Wang), the Technology survey in Morocco (Mounir Rochdi), an analysis of the rare earth situation (Augustin Roch), ? (an overview of the development in Burkina Faso (Boubacar Traoré) and the analysis of the clusters development in China (Jean-Marie Rousseau)? was followed by various presentations of the Chinese delegation ( Mrs Min Shi, Dechao Zeng) opened wide areas of dicussion with the Chinese delegation.

The reception at the “Conseil Regional” of the “Region Centre” opened the way to the? presentation of the key areas of development of the Region as well as the specificities of the Hunan Provence.? Discussions about future collaborations were particularly useful.

A general overview of the works done during the seminar was presented by Professor Henri Dou.

table ronde ACFCI chine 2011? The round table dealing with education, animated by the Professor Henri Dou (see Scholar Profile) leaded to a special agreement which will consist to the development of short courses in Hunan on Competitive Intelligence were the aspects of Information retrieveal, Information and Patent analysis, and mechanism to create actionable knowledge will be developed. Henri Dou will be in charge to present a program to be active as soon as possible (end of 2011 or begenning 2012). This program will be developed in Hunan Province at the Hunan Center of Competitive Intelligence. Dr Sri Damayanty Manullang from Indonesia participated also to this round table and presented part of her experience in the development of Competitive Intelligence in Indonesia, the Professor Clement Paoli indicated also that the Région Corse is interested by the Competitive Intelligence concept and will help the Regional University to  increase its potential in this area.

Conclusion seminar ACFCI Chine 2011  The conclusion of the seminar was done by Philippe  Clerc (ACFCI) and Mrs Min Shi senior analyst of the Hunan Competitive Intelligence Center and head of the Chinese delegation. In the closing speach Philippe Clerc underlined the necessity to open the way to an aqulibrated information exchange with the Hunan Province and he also underlined that he was very please of the agreement on short course development, which means that the French - Chinese collaboration was now entering in an active way, with specific project development. The Head of the Chine delegation thank the organizers for the quality of the reception as well as the quality of the exchanges and she whised good luck for the future developments between France and Hunan Province.

The composition of the delegation is available sur: La lettre de Chine, n°13?

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