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Cameroon - SMEs Innovation and Intellectual Property Information (Automatic Patent Analysis)

mai 18th, 2011 Posted in Africa, Europe, France

visite irad cameroon

From left to right MM Elek, Gatechew, Henri Dou, the IRAD Director, IRAD BP 2123 Yaoundé, tel/fax (237) 2333538 / 2223362/225924 Email

A recent mission of the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) and the IP Cameroon liaison Office organized? from May 5 to 6th a seminar about the development of innovation and the improvement of the Coffee and pineapple sectors? based on the intellectual property information and facilities. This seminar was held in Yaounde at the Djeuga Palace. During the seminar various meetings with the producers and administration brush the contours of what could be the integration of the Intellectual Property within the strategic development plans of the country.

The geographical locations, the APA (Automatic Patent Analysis) show an important potential to protect some specific productions (Arabusta (Arabica coffee with the taste of robusta), the white honey and the white peper and also to improve or produce various machines to perform the first transformation of the natural resources. Two cconsultants from the WIPO were present: Professor? Henri Dou (France) (yaounde presentation dou) and Getachew Mengistie Alemu (Ethiopia). Theu perform various intreviews (governmental representatives and porducers) as well as the synthesis of the debate and the recommendations to be validated by the WIPO and transmitted after to the Government of Cameroon.

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