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Automatic Patent Analysis (APA). The key role of Matheo Patent to be more performant and to increase your productivity

mai 14th, 2011 Posted in Africa, Asia, Europe, France, Indian Ocean, Middle East, North Africa, North America, South America

The increasing importance of patents as well as for the protection of your intangible knowledge than to increase your innovative thinking and process by analyzing the global products and applications protected prompt us to make a focus on Matheo-Patent, one of the most versatile tool in APA (Automatic Patent Analysis). An increasing number of users in the world as well as various workshops (Malaysia, Cameroon, Brasil, France …) pointed the variety of applications and analysis which can be performed. The Community associated to Matheo-Patent provides also various examples of its integration within the streategy of companies.

Patents are a unique source of information since information published in patents most of the time is not published elsewhere. Moreover, the patent language as well as drawings are understood as well as by the industry people than by the researchers. Patents, then, build up a bridge between Research, Development and Markets.

The folowing papers: general use of APA, application to palm oil, application to soil remediation, application to nutmeg,? underline the usefulness of the APA.

A limited version for training of Matheo Patent is available on the site  - Matheo Patent belong to a software suite : Matheo-Analyzer, Matheo-Web, Matheo-Patent? ( designed to perform datamining and knowledge recovery. The subscription to Matheo-Patent as been tailored to be afordable to individual, SMEs, Research Institutions and Decision Makers. (650 Euros per year, including all new versions and improvement). Note also that access to patent databaes (USPTO and EPO) is free then performing any number of analysis will be free after the payment of the yearly subscription.

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