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ECIS 2013 (European Symposium of Competitive Intelligence) is moving to Asia. Manado, Indonesia. Announcement of a new journal : The Journal of Intelligence Studies in Business (JISIB)

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At the issue of the 4th ECIS meeting in Germany (Orgnaized bu ICI Germany and Atrelis (Groupe ESCEM), it has been decided by the participants that the offer done by the Manado City (North Sulawesi) Indonesia, to house the next meeting, is accepted. The Wali Kota of Manado has a good tradition in Competitive Intelligence since the head of city got his PhD in CI at the University of Aix Marseille, CRRM, under the supervision of Professor Henri Dou. The efforts developed by the CRRM and Professor Henri Dou (see Scholar Profile) in the past 15 years contributed to build up a sufficient threshold of Competitive Intelligence specialists to create the best possible conditions to house the next ECIS Conference.

We hope that the efforts of Manado City and also those? of the Competitive Intelligence specialists of the UNIMA (Universitas Negeri Manado) will be conforted by the preparation of the meeting and by involving various regional stakeholders in its development. Let us remember that Manado City got the title of cleaner town of Indonesia and housed the World Ocean Summit a few years ago. The press release issue at the end of the last ECIS meeting is available here.

During the same meeting the creation of the The Journal of Intelligence Studies in Business (JISIB). JISIB has been an initiative by the ECIS Conferences, in Stockholm in 2009 and in Bad Nauheim in 2011

The journal will include articles on such topics as Competitive Intelligence, Business Intelligence, Market Intelligence and Geo-economics. This means the journal will have a managerial as well as an applied technical side (Information Systems), as these are now more integrated in real life Business Intelligence solutions. By focusing on business applications it will not compete directly with journals of Library Sciences or state or military Intelligence Studies. It will be broader than the Journal of Marketing Intelligence and Planning and fill an empty place left by the Journal of Competitive Intelligence and Management, which stopped 2 years ago.

The founding Editors are Professor Henri Dou (Atelis Groupe ESCEM France) and the Professor Per Jensen (China).  The Hononary editors are: John E. Prescott (USA), Wilhelm Agrell (Sweden),   Bernard Dousset (France) The Editor is: Klaus Solberg Söilen (Sweden)

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