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Social Research Responsibility - Responsabilité Sociale de la Recherche - Need of new scientific indicators

février 23rd, 2011 Posted in Africa, Asia, Europe, France, Indian Ocean, Middle East, North Africa, North America, South America

VSE couverture The paper published by Henri Dou (see scholar profile)? in VSE Vie & Sciences Economiques, en December 2010, entitled : Innover dans la Recherche Publique en France: la responsabilité sociale de la recherche best-elle mesurée  (Innovate in Public Research in France: is the Social Responsibility of the Research measured  rose a lot of comments and discussions. The subject specially because it deals with the public research seems to be very sensitive. On another hand a fast research on Internet shows that this concept meets a few hits (about 10) most of them dealing with corporate research.  This situation prompts us to made a call for papers or reports or live applications of this concept to have first of all various examples of its applications and also to have the opinion of researchers and decision makers on the opportunity to rise a debate on the necessity to develop new indicators to evalutate the impact of the public research on the social development of the Nation or the Region.

All contributions can be send to Dou Henri email  a synthesis of all contributions will be made and the most relevant will be published in ciworldwide. Thank you in advance for all contributors.

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