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Indonesia - Sumatera - The Batak museum and the TBSC (TB Silalahi Center)

février 3rd, 2011 Posted in Asia, France

TBSCThe Grand Opening of the TBSC (TB Silalahi Center) has been done the 17th of January 2011 in Toba Samosir, Sumatera by the Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. About 3000 people mainly from Sumatera assisted to this opening during which various folkloric performances were performed. Speeches of various local representative emphasized the role of the Batak culture as a mean to comfort the local development and mainly the tourism activities. TB Silalahi, presented the goals of the TBSCenter as well as different aspects of the Toba Samosir area development and insisted on the necessity to develop the energy local resources to enhance the development. He also presented in an humoristic way various aspects of the Batak culture in relationship with the Indonesian development.

filles silalahi  The Indonesian President in his inaugural? speech insisted on the key role of the TBSCenter as the starting point of a new erao of development of the Batak region and open the way to a future vision of  equity in the development for the Indonesian Region as well as the key role of the Central Government to facilitate specific industrial and touristic initiatives. He also underlined the role of the infrastructures in the development of the Indonesian Regions and the will of the central government to provide the facilities necessary to reach its objectives.

The Museaum, part of the TBSCenter show various aspects of the batak culture, from furniture, to clothing and local handycrafts.

The Toba lake, one of the magnificent Indonesian area (for the scenery, the weather, the culture and the sight seings) was 75000 years ago the site of a supereruption which plunged the earth in a glacial era for about 1000 years, changing drasticaly the fate of human being.

 Among the assistance we noted the German Ambassador, the Vice Ambasador of the Netherland, the representative of the UNESCO the representative of the UNDP, and the Professor Henri Dou from France. The venue of the personalities from Jakarta was organized by New in Manulang, advisor to the Ministry of Transportation in a special flight from Jakarta to Toba Samosir.

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