Competitive Intelligence initiatives

SRR Social Research Responsibility - Responsabilité Sociale de la Recherche RSR - Comlpetitive Intelligence - Regional Development

février 2nd, 2011 Posted in Africa, Asia, Europe, France, Indian Ocean, Middle East, North Africa, North America, South America

This new concept which integrates the research laboratory in the concern of the social developmenbt (National and Reghional) is presented in a paper publishe in VSE Vie & Sciences Economiques. This paper : Innover dans la recherche publique en France : La responsabilité sociale de la recherche est elle mesurée? par Henri Dou (see scholar profile)? Professeur des universités, Research professor Beijing University and Directeur d’ Atelis (ESCEM).

Abstract  This article presents how innovation and Competitive Intelligence must be introduced in France in public research laboratories. The use of indicators without discrimination may lead to a false perception of the research activities on one hand and on the other hand it may move away the laboratories from one of their objective : to use part of their competence and knowledge to participate to the development of the society and to increase the social cohesion. Some examples are given and a solution is proposed to introduce Competitive Intelligence its method and tools in official research laboratories: the “UMSR”. The crucial role of these structures within the universities and the research centers is analyzed in detail. A new concept is then evoked, that of the RSR (Social Research Responsibility), which joined the idea of participation of the entities of research and education in the creation of local and national richnessesKey words: scientific  indicators, UMSR, competitive intelligence, social research responsibility, SRR, society, regional development

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