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BAST Beijing Academy of Soft Technology get two new members Luc Quoniam and Henri Dou

février 2nd, 2011 Posted in Africa, Asia, Europe, France, Indian Ocean, Middle East, North Africa, North America, South America

The BAST integrated two French Professors Luc Quoniam (see scholar profile)  and Henri Dou (see scholar profile), both Professors in information science and specialists of Competitive Intelligence. The BAST which also takes care of the 500 Chinese most performant companies develop research and expertise in the field of the integration of various technologies which help to develop industries, clusters and Private and Public Partnerships. The fact that the former French Professors joined the BAST  as research fellows emphasizes the importance of Research and Development in the intangible domains which now? are one of the most important intellectual asset of companies. This is also a strong recognition of the French expertise in the domain of Competitve Intelligence and also the international expertise or both French Professors.

jin Bast

Among various papers published by the BAST, the following selection shows the areas of research which is developed by the BAST.

Passer de la représentation du présent   la vision prospective du futur - ” Technology Foresight ”
Henri Dou, Jin Zhouying, Humanisme et Entreprise, Déc 2002

Intelligence compétitive & recherche-action, deux éléments stratégiques pour les pays en voie de développement
Sri Manullang., Ying Bai., Alain Ismail., Philoteus Therah., Henri Dou. ISDM Information Science for Decision Making, n°15, Avril 2004 article 151?

A rapid analysis of Avian Influenza patents in the Esp@cenet database – R&D strategies and country comparisons
Henri Dou, Ying Bai, World Patent Information 29 (2007) 26–32

The foourth Generation of Technology Foresight and Soft Technology, Jin Zhouying, Future research quarterly, 2002,? Email:

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