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Beijing 2010 International Conference on Technological Innovation and Competitive Technical Intelligence

décembre 21st, 2010 Posted in Asia, Europe, North America

beijing 2010 participants  This is on December 2010 that this meeting took place in Beijing at the Peking University. A large group of international specialists including Chinese (Ma Feicheng Professor, Shen Guchao Professor, Huo Guoqing Professor, Li Gang Professor, Liu Xiwden Profesor, Wang Weijun Professor, Wang Zhijin Professor, Zhao Gang Dean, Xiao Xuekui Researcher, Lu Xiaobin Professor, Li Yuanchu Professor, Xia Lixin Professor, Wang Sujian Senior Engineer, Wu Chensheng Director, Xie Xinzhou Director, Cao Shujin Professor, Zhang Zhixiong Researcher, Lu Wei Professor) and foreigners ( Alan Porter Professor USA, Rainer Michaeli Germany, Nancy Potter USA, Professeor Sugasawa Japan, Tom Toa Professor USA, Henri Dou Professor France (see scholar profile), Fumiyuki Takahashi research Japan) were present ( pictures first day  and second day). The assistance? from China but also from other countries from the Region (Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan..) asked many questions and increased the global quality of the meeting. The main session was followed with two other sessions for short presentations.

posters  This meeting which was a real success presented most of the advanced development in Innovation and Competitive Technical Intelligence in China. Recent progress in patents analysis, technology monitoring, organization of Competitive Intelligence Units, Green energy analysis, Knowledge outsourcing, the practice of the National Science Library, Scenario for R&D, poles of competitiveness, search for Competitive Intelligence Excellence, etc.) were presented and discussed. In the first day evening of the meeting  a reception was organized in a very friendly atmosphere which facilitated the contact between most of the participants. Many toasts were exchanged and the organizers received many thanks and greetings from all the assistance.

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