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The Zao Zhuang University (Shandong Province, China) and ATELIS (ESCEM) Tours Poitiers France sign a co-operative agreement.

décembre 11th, 2010 Posted in Asia, France

zz logoThis is on thursday December 9th 2010 that Professor Ba Yan (Director of International Office, Zao Zhuang University) and Professor Henri Dou (Director of Atelis)(see scholar profile) ? signed a co-operative agreement . The object of the agreement is to prepare an Atelis Session in Zao Zhuang during the first semester 2011 and to develop in the Zao Zhang University a competence in Competitive Intelligence and Competitive Technical Intelligence. Atelis, Strategic Work Room of the ESCEM Groupe, developeded during the last five years various comprehensive sessions of education in  Competitive Intelligence, Strategy and Regional Development as well as Project Management. These different sessions are done either in France, but mainly in foreign countries (China, Chile, Morocco, Indonesia …). The Zao Zhuang university, one of the most dynamic in the Shandong Province wish through the Competitive Intelligence methods and tools to involve itself in the Development of the Region and most particularly of the city of Zao Zhuang and its New High Technology ? Industrial Zone.

 This is the first time that such an agreement is signed by Atelis. It opens the way to a further collaboration with the Univetsity of Zao Zhuang and the ESCEM Business School to exchange professors and students and to develop in Zao Zhang a Bachelor specialized in Competitive Intelligence, Innovation and Regional Development. The strong dynamic shows these last years by the city as well as its perfect location between Beijing and Shanghai (2 hours and 15 minutes by the high velocity train) are good signs which will facilitate the development of the concept of “Intelligent City” in Zao Zhuang.

honorary dou zz Following the signature of the co-operative agreement, the Director of Atelis received the title of Honorary Professor of the Zao Zhuang University from the? Vice_President of the University, the President being abroad. Next year, the President of the Zao Zhang University will visit the ESCEM Business school to further develop the collaboration between these two institutions.

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