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International Conference on Technological Innovation and Competitive Technical Intelligence - Beijing - 3-5 Dember 2010 - Side event.

décembre 3rd, 2010 Posted in Asia, Europe, France, North America

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 Progress in Competitive Technical Intelligence During the Competitive Technical Intelligence Conference, Peking University, the book Progress in Competitive Technical Intelligence (ISBN 978-7-5023-6781-7)  has been presented. This book gathered the work from most of the Chinese Competitive Intelligence experts (Wang Zhijin, Liu Bing, Zhao Xiaoyuan, Shi Min, Cheng Feng, Xia Xuekui, Zheng Yanning, Xu mingjin, Liu Suhua, Lu Huang, Xia Lixin, Zhai Shanshan, Wang Jun, Li Gang, Wang Zhongyi, Li Gang, Chen Jing) as well as the one of a selected number of foreign international experts: Rainer Michaeli, John E. Prescott, Sheila Wright, Henri Dou (see scholar profile), Philippe Clerc and Alan Porter. This book is divided in several chapters which cover most of the techniques and methods used in Competitive Intelligence and Competitive Technical Intelligence.

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