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Crucial issue : The French Research evaluation system facing the crisis - Le système d’évaluation de la recherche française face à la crise.

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  This is at the Sympsosium: "Les sciences de l'Information et leurs implications géopolitiques" (Information Science and their involvement in geopolitics), held in Ajaccio the 28th and 29th November 2013 at the "Palais des Congrès" organized by the University of ...

The Franco-Chinese center for Technology Transfer

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  During the last five years, the Franco Chinese Association for Compétitive Intelligence, which was created at the join initiative of the Centre of Competitive Intelligence of the Hunan Province in China and the AIFIE (Association Internationale Fracophone d'Intelligence Economique), favoured ...

Seduction, appeal and attraction Competitive Intelligence tools. La séduction outil de l’Intelligence Compétitive

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In his book "La séduction otil de l'Intelligence Compétitive" the author Malinvaud Daniel, underlined the role of influence in Competitive Intelligence and pin point the fact this could be one of the ultimate goal of this discipline. Abstract: La puissance d’un ...