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ATELIS, ESCEM (Tours Poitiers France) strategic partnership with ISIG (Bussiness school Burkina Faso) in Strategic information, innovation and Competitive Intelligence

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  On September 13th Henri Dou (Director of Atelis) and Mr Kini (Director of ISIG) signed a colaborative MOU and exchanged the cooperative agreement between ESCEM and ISIG International. This strategic partnership is important, since it will allow the development ...

Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, European Union and the RIC program “Competitive Intelligence innovation and competitiveness strategies” - Proinvest program -

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 This is the 12 and 13th September 2011, that a Symposium on Competitive Intelligence, Innovation and Competitiveness was done in Ouagadougou. This Symposium is done through the RIC (Réseau d'Intelligence Collective)  European Community Program Pro€invest, and with the collaboration of ...

To be in Competitive Intelligence with China - IMPGT University Paul Cézanne - September 23rd 2011

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This is at the University Paul Cézanne, Aix en Provence France, at the IMPGT, that the Symposium "To be in Competitive Intelligence with China" took place.  The introduction was done by Claude Rochet, Director of the IMPGT which indicated how ...

ESCEM ATELIS the third year specialization of the Business school in Strategic Information, Decision and Competitive Intelligence

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 The opening of the third year specialization in Competitive Intelligence has been opened this year on September 2d by Alain Juillet, Philippe Clerc, François Duvergé (President of the ESCEM Groupe), Dou Henri (Director of Atelis see Scholar Profile) and Pascal ...