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Economic Intelligence and Poles of Competitiveness, TPG Marseilles January 8th 2008

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This is on May 8th 2008, that at the "Trésorerie Générale" in Marseilles that M. Marc Frenger Pech-Gourg (*) organized a workshop about Competitive Intelligence and French Poles of Competitiveness. During this meeting two main interventions were done by the ...

A selection of Books to understand Competitive Intelligence

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To understand the wide meanings and applications of Competitive Intelligence necessitates books very different in? nature. In this overview we present a selection of books that we used during the course of Competitive Intelligence either in academics or in ...

The world of Intelligence and the “diplomatie” (Competitive Intelligence impact)

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Stevan Dedijer was one of the pioneer of the introduction of Intelligence in the organizations in Northern Europe. He was also one of the pioneer of the application of Intelligence in the developing countries. In the article "Hommage   Stevan Dedidjer" ...

Brazil - Strategy of Competitive Intelligence - Sao Paulo - April 17-18th 2007

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This international workshop was realized and animated by IQPC and ABRAIC (Brazilian Association of the Analysts of Competitive Intelligence).  The international speakers whre present: Henri Dou from France and Rainer Michaeli from Germany. Sevreal other speakers from Brazilian Institutions and ...

Abu Dhabi Men’s College - Using Competitive Intelligence - P. Clerc - May 14th 2008

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  Picture from the site of Abu Dhabi men's College This is at the Abu Dhabi Men's College that Philippe Clerc presented the 14th of May 2008 a Conference on the theme: Using Competitive Intelligence  During this talk, Philippe Clerc met various representatives and ...

Programme de recherche en Intelligence Economique - CNRS - Nancy - 2008 - Research program in Competitive Intelligence

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 Ce sont les 16 et 17 Juin 2008 que s'est réuni  Nancy au LORIA, le groupe d'experts en "Intelligence Economique. Cette conférence a réunie 28 spécialistes en Intelligence Economique venant de différents champs de la connaissnce. Le programme a mis ...

Competitive Intelligence and Technology Watch for Industry

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This book has been edited by the the Department of Industry of the Republic of Indonesia. It is devoted to Industry, Education and Research instituions as well as for the think tanks which may help politicians and decision makers. Writtent by ...

Competitive Intelligence, Technology Watch and Regional Development

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The book Competitive Intelligence and Regional Development is part of a serie of two books which present for Small Companies and Developing Countries the way to integrate the concept, methos and tool of Competitive Intelligence in the Company or Region ...

Benchmarking Européen des pratiques en Intelligence Economique 2008

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Master Intelligence Economique et Compétitivité Territoriale - IMPGT - 2008

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  L'IMPGT (Institut de Management Public et de Gouvernance Territoriale) située à  Aix en Provence et à  Marseille et au sein de l'Université Paul Cézanne, offre la possibilité aux étudiants de suivre un Master original, alliant cours présentiels, travail personnel ? ...