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Book Competitive Intelligence and Regional Development - A focus on Developing Countries - by Henri Dou and al.

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  In view to make available at a low cost various books about Competitive Intelligence and its applications,? a set of? books dealing with this subject will be available soon on Amazon. These books will be electronic, at the Kindle's ...

Competitive Intelligence step by step - Henri Dou - Atelis (groupe ESCEM) - 2012

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Competitive Intelligence step by step  Henri Dou, University Professor, Director of Atelis (Groupe ESCEM) How to use this e-book  These notes are short. This is to concentrate in a few words what is important. But, many works, applications, etc. have ...

Competitive Intelligence Innovation and Development, an Audiobook by Henri Dou (2009)

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 The development of the use of audiobooks through various devisces such as iPod, etc. prompt us to present an Audiobook dealing with Competitive Intelligence Innovation and Development. This Audiobook will be read by the author Henri Dou in French. The ...

Commercial AudioBooks (free or not)

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Reengineering the Corporation. This audiobook (in Englis) , is available from AMAZON and is read by the authors. It is clearly related to Competitive Intelligence in the way that it underlines the necessity to ask the good questions to after ...

AudioBooks and AudioTips

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2009 will see an improvement of ther CIWORLDWIDE facilities. We decided to create a new rubric: Audiobooks and Audiotips. This rubric is devolved to people which like to get information on Competitive Intelligence and its developments through audio systems such ...